A Dozen Yellow Roses

When visiting the sick or the convalescent, we carry yellow roses for them, because they are associated with good health, and convey a message to get well soon. Ever since I joined Max’s mission, a dozen years ago this day, these golden petals have been my constant companions. Here they are, these twelve yellow roses, […]

Creating Awareness

Going with the motto of Friends of Max “Together we share and learn” The Max Foundation team in India and FOM have created some amazing booklets in order to provide basic information and guidance to patients and their family members. Today in this blog I will be sharing the educational materials we use in India […]

GIST Warriors celebrated the Gift of Time

As in other Max’s patient support groups, Touched by Max GIST patients are minority in terms of membership. There have been few events specifically organized on their behalf. But on July 16th, we wanted to devote that day to honor not just the cancer warriors but also their caregivers who continuously fought the battle associated with cancer. The GIST Lay […]

Monsoon Magic

Monsoons in Mumbai are a relief after the blistering heat of May and extremely humid June. Last year was a poor monsoon and there was drought in many parts of Maharashtra. So all in all, much awaited and most welcome – a golden pot at the end of a rainbow 🙂 Why write about monsoons? […]

Max Family’s Special Post, Part 2: The Ten

En Abu running in the marathon organised by Thilip & friends Here it is, the last part of the special post of Max Family’s 10 years of journey. This time we also asked what does the 10 years journey mean to different points of view. Well, you might not be surprised to see one thing […]

Hematology Congress in México A few months ago was held the LVII Congreso Nacional de la Asociación Mexicana para el Estudio de la Hematología (LVII National Congress of the Mexican Association for the Study of Hematology) in the city of Mérida, Yucatán. In this congress, The Max Foundation hosted a PCR booth together with Rosario […]

GIST Awareness Day 2016- “Gift of Time”

We bring together our GIST patients and their caregivers periodically for regular support group meetings. These meetings are held in different cities and the sharing and learning that takes place in the meetings makes a great difference to the quality of the life for those living with the burden of the disease for prolonged periods […]

From Viet Nam … with gratitude.

Dear all of our Max family members,   How I am grateful for being a member of Max Foundation! For beginning, I would like to introduce a bit about myself. My full name is Tang Thi Thanh Thao, you can call me Thao ( Thao is one of the most popular names in Vietnam for […]


     Namaste to all my dear family members. I  am Shalini Subramanian, from Madurai- the land known for its cultural heritage with the fragrance of jasmine. I feel honoured to be associated with The Max Fondation team in India. I am currently working as Maxstation from my home in Madurai. I take this opportunity to thank […]

The Chopstick Theory – Patient Group Advocacy

“IT IS EASY TO BREAK A CHOPSTICK, BUT THEY BECOME UNBREAKABLE WHEN WE PUT ALL OF THEM TOGETHER.” This is an old Chinese proverb which my grandma always emphasize to us when we were young. It describes how strong unity is, and that with collected voices we can do great wonders compared with an individual […]