The Diwali Lamp

It is Diwali today . The first day of Diwali. As I light the single earthen lamp set in the middle of my rice paste Rangoli that I have made at our doorstep , I pray for all good things and hope my family and friends will remain blessed always .  For over fifteen years […]

I like to introduce my bundle of Joy – Nivanshi.

               When I shared the news of my pregnancy I was nervous whether I will be able to handle the role of a “Mother”, though I never discussed this with anyone. Today I can say that yes I have an answer to my question. I love being a mother because of the hugs, the giggles, […]

Maximizing Life in Madras

  Chennai, formerly known as Madras is the capital city of one of the five states in Southern India – Tamil Nadu. Ruled by one of the strongest Opposition Parties at this time in India it is led by Jayalalitha their charismatic Chief Minister. The lady was once the darling of the Tamil Film industry, one […]

An Opportunity to Learn

October is a month for celebration– It is Max’s birthday and the time for our Maximize Life Campaign! Our patients get a platform to express themselves and seek support to fight stigma about cancer. As patient advocates, we from Max learn of our patients’ interesting skills and positive qualities through various activities conducted at the meeting.  Let’s see levels of learning we had at […]

TODAY is our Big Day!!!!

The Touched by Max, Inc. (TBM) was one of the many patient groups around the world who joined the 2016 Maximize Life Campaign which we also dubbed as Celebration of Life. On October 16th, around 200 patients/caregivers from different parts of the country braved the public storm signal warnings raised by the weather bureau. Based on Wikipedia, around […]

Maximize Life Campaign Events in Kenya October has come and gone but one thing for sure is the impact that the Maximize life events held have had on the patients, their caregivers and the public in general. First Maximize event was on 8th October 2016 at Nakuru Hospice which give palliative care to cancer patients.  […]

Our Global Celebration for Max’s Birthday

So excited for our around-the-world gathering on Wednesday as part of Max’s birthday celebration! We want to make sure as many team members are involved as possible, so read on to get all the details. The Big Picture Throughout October 19, The Max Foundation team will take turns going on Facebook Live to share stories […]

It’s a MAXIMIZED Experience: Maximize Life Campaign 2016

I asked her “What is your hope for your son?” “I want him to be successful in everything he does”, she answered in a shaky voice.  Her eyes welled up with tears. She looked me deep into my eyes. I then just followed my instinct and hugged her in front of about 250 audiences in […]

Showcasing The Max Foundation through Social Media

‘Social Media’ – We all are familiar with the word. Social Media has become an integral part of today’s life and has tremendously grown in the last few years. Today everyone uses social media for various reasons. Social Media has its own advantages and disadvantages. If used correctly, it is an important tool to reach […]

World CML Day 2016 Celebration in African regions

World CML has been celebrated around the world on September 22th.  In Africa it was celebrated in the same spirit of Hope, Dignity and Happiness .  Most of the patients groups treated their physicians with sweets . These events would not be possible without our very  proactive, relentless patient leaders and Max Stations who work very hard for their groups. All the support groups thank Max Foundation for the support they have done and they still do throughout the years . Here is a glimpse of the events celebrated in different african regions , pictures speak for themselves . What a joyful moments !!!! All these cake look very yummy CML Day in Niger with A.L.L ,Mr Alioune as Patient Leader CML Day in Ghana with CLMLAG, Mr Gershon as Patient Leader CML Day in Kenya with Henzo, Mr Ferdinand as Patient leader. CML Day in Madagascar with Asssociation Fanomezana LMC ,Mr Eric as patient leader                            CML Day in Mali with CML Espoir, Mr Mamadou as patient leader CML Day in Morocco with A.M.A.L, Mrs. Bahija as Patient leader CML Day in Nigeria with Max Care,Mrs Eunice as patient leader CML Day in Tanzania with Anatoria as Patient leader CML Day in Togo with NGO APSBESTG, Mr. Thomas as Patient Leader CML day Senegal with A.G.I.L du Senegal CML Day in South Africa with CMLSA withTrevor as Patient Leader  

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