Pat at AMELEG’s art-therapy session in Mexico City

Pat visit Mexico last week, it was one of her flash trips, landing on thursday evening and leaving on saturday evening. We had some meetings with Novarts BU Head, we visit one of our GIPAP physicians and then we eat lunch in AMANC. It was a busy friday, but what we were more excited of, was the patients meeting on Saturday morning.

We arrive to the place where the meeting was going to be, when Pat saw Alejandra Sanchez Sanchez (her painting is in the Color of Hope book, and she won last year art contest). Alejandra was so excited of finally meeting Pat.
The hughs continued with other patients: Fernando (his painting is in the Colors of Hope Book); and so many other GIPAP people with leukemia (we learned not to say patient any more).

Pat share a presentation with us, remembering that they are not alone, there are many other groups of people living with cancer in other parts of the world working for the same thing. She encourage AMELEG to take the power of their lives and remember that they are the ones who can help people in the street to be consciousness about the cancer.

Novartis invited the participants to an event for the next month, where we are going to plant a tree. Next month I’ll post how was it!!!! Sounds like fun…

Then, we had a photo session, every one wanted a picture with Pat. They where very grateful of her presence there. So grateful that ther decided to give an angel, made by Jose Luis Martinez, that originally was a price of a raffle to get founds to Oscar Barrientos, a patient who lost his legs and needed new prothesis.
Finally we started our art-therapy session, where every one said that they lifes and everything they do every day, is art. And all of them, children and adults share some moments painting with watercolors, markers, colors, tempera and acrylic paint. It was really fun and at the same time, a very deep experience for some of them.

It was a very intense session, with a lot of feelings floting in the air: gratitude, excitement, joy, surprise. When I said goddbye to Pat, and went back home, I was very touched about what happened during this two days, but especially in the patients meeting. It is incredible how the people living with cancer and the people around them can share in a smile, a hugh, a picture, with their silence, and in a draw.

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