T-MF kicked off “Champion” Project last Saturday!

Last Saturday, 18 July 09, we have organized another CML Maximize Life Workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Together with the patient core group, we have kicked off our “Champion” Project – which is adding some fun and yet motivating element to the workshop.
I would like to share with all of you about this project. What is Champion Project? To promote these 3 key messages through Champion Project:

  1. Appreciation – appreciate your physicians, nurses, your loved ones, friends who are always giving you full support.
  2. Motivation – motivate your friends who need your support.
  3. Emotional support – supporting the others to MAXIMIZE life!

How does this Champion Project works?

        • Every participant who is attending the workshop will be given 6 Champion stickers – 3 yellow & 3 pink.
        • Yellow sticker – to be given to people living with CML; pink sticker – to be given to caregivers, family members, physicians, nurses, volunteers or supporters.
        • Everyone writes their own name on the stickers.
        • Stick the Champion sticker onto the person whom is your Champion!
        • At the end of the workshop, do not throw the Champion stickers that you have gotten – but paste them in the MAXIMIZE LIFE notebook*.

Who is the “Champion”? Anyone who appreciates life and everything that he has, this person is the Champion.
Everyone can be the Champion! What to do with the page that full of Champion stickers?
To appreciate the supports that one has gotten, we are running the Champion contest – present the Champion stickers to us in your most creative way!
Participant to take picture of the pages containing champion stickers, and send in, before closing date – 1 Oct 2010. Participants have one year to accumulate and design the pages with champion stickers. Selected Champion will be announced during next year’s Celebration of Life event during Oct 2010.

*MAXIMIZE LIFE Note Book – I would want to share with all the concept of this book.
This is how it looks like at the front cover.It says Maximize Life – this is our main message that we are constantly delivering to our friends in Malaysia.

Inside Front Cover:Page for people to write down their GOAL, and actions to achieve the goal.

Place your Champion stickers here!Besides placing stickers inside this note book, we are encouraging patients/caregivers to fully utilize this note book – it can be a place for them to write down what their have learned from workshop, record their friends’ contact information, or even write down their haematology and cytogenetic results.

Every patient will be given this copy of Maximize Life notebook at no cost; non-patients are getting the copy by donation. This is one of the fund raising initiative by the patient group.

Some pictures showing the Champion stickers on participants’ shirt during the day. Enjoy!

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