Friends of Max Mumbai Meeting – 12th July

12th July saw 185 Mumbaikars come together at the Friends of Max meeting in the Bombay Hospital Auditorium. This wonderful venue has become our hallmark meeting place !!Our friends from the Pune Chapter also participated in full force. The day began with everyone giving and receiving warm and love filled hugs.

The morning began with Sharon and Nicole our volunteer wo (man) ing the Registration Counter. The theme of the meeting was Compliance and all participants were handed a simple form to fill at the registration counter itself. The compliance form consisted of certain details that would help us do a qualitative survey on patients’ compliance patterns. FOM Volunteer Sujeesh was in charge of getting every patient to understand the form and getting them to fill in the required information correctly and honestly. We plan on accumulating all this data so that with the result of the study of the survey we can soon help the non-compliant patients to get to know the importance of taking the medicine everyday and how to ensure they do that.The day’s programme began with Amma giving everyone an insight on compliance through a power point presentation which was followed by a panel discussion. Our GIPAP Physician dear Dr Kumar Prabhash from Tata Hospital along with Friends of Max Volunteers were the members of the Panel and an nswered many questions the crowd had to ask them. The discussions went on for a good one and half hours with many topics covered and issues resolved. The discussion was chaired by our inimitable duo of Nirmesh and Pramod FOM Mumbai core group leaders. They kept the tempo and the theme light but at the same time ensured that all facets of the issue at hand were dealt with.

The post lunch afternoon session was different from all the other meetings. We at MaxIndia figured that the sessions we host are mostly always conducted by MaxIndia team members like our volunteer workshops and theatre and art workshops and wanted to have an external perspective on the group’s needs . The guest speaker we invited was Father Mathew, who is not only a man of the Church but also a qualified psychologist. He was recommended by one of our FOM team members. Father graced the occasion by giving the group a brief of the community service oriented work he does and then started motivating the crowd with a session filled with many interactive tools and games. Father Mathew’s presentation was indeed inspiring. And as he was a great speaker he kept the attention of the crowd at all times. Patients and their caregivers took part in these sessions, enjoying and learning from them. The Outcome of this session was the addressing of many meaningful issues that arose from it as well as great bonding among the assorted and unlikely partners and team members.
The day ended with tea and snacks for all.

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