Your Group could be the recipient of a 1000.00USD GRANT!!!

Only two more months before we launch into the most EXCITING part of the art project – VOTING!!!
So far we have received entries from Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Honduras, Sudan and Niger.
Remember this is a great opportunity for patient groups to fundraise. One thousand dollar prize for each region is at Stake. Only those patient groups with artwork submitted by August 1st will be considered. In September, we will be launching our virtual art gallery and will display some selected art. We would love to see art from all countries represented

Everyone can be an artist when he or she wants to…
To prove this, we put ourselves to the test when Latam MaxStations came to Edmonds last March and had an art therapy session headed by Angeli. This was a great experience full of laughter. We would like to share our artwork to prove to you that everyone can be an artist even POs

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