2009 TBM Family Day and Art Workshop

TBM patients with their families, caregivers and friends once again gathered together for a fun-filled celebration of Family Day and Art workshop combined. The success of last year’s family day has inspired us to make this a yearly event. There were plenty of socialization activities and parlor games to foster camaraderie among the members. The objective of the event was simply to allow the patients to live and enjoy life to the fullest with their kids, spouse, parents and siblings and set aside their health problem even for a day.
The afternoon session was hosted by Faber Castell who sponsored the art workshop materials and Abbot Philippines who provided the snacks. The staff encouraged the participants to be creative and imaginative and bear in mind the theme “Maximize Life”. Just witnessing the whole family equally engaged in drawing as they eagerly worked with their coloring instruments was very delightful.

The Chairman of the Philippine Heart Center Art Gallery came to witness the event and gamely judged the top five artwork. He was so pleased with the advocacy of TBM that he promised to support the group’s activities. The patients were so proud of themselves when he announced that their drawings will be included in the PHC Art Gallery exhibit on June 15-July 4, 2009 amongst the famous artist in the country. (Watch out for my next post… 🙂 )

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