Together we maximize our life! Supporting the others at the same time we are supporting ourselves….

Together with Max Family, TMF team in Malaysia had another patient meeting yesterday in Kuala Lumpur.
Attended by 80 participants – people living with CML, their family members, physicians, nurses and volunteers – everyone brought along their spirit and smile and be with everyone has made the day a special weekend.

Some are our old friends who never failed to attend every workshop; some are the new faces whom we met for the first time yesterday.
No matter they are old or new friends, from yesterday onwards, they know, there’s a place, a group, a family for everyone of them. This group is called Max Family.
Lucy Hickinbotham, Head of Oncology Affairs, AP Region, Novartis attended the workshop. It was her first time came to Malaysia Maximize Life workshop, and she was amazed by the spirit of each participant, and also the continued effort by TMF and Max Family to continue reaching out and provide supports.
There were experiences sharing, interaction among participants, education and discussion session facilitated by supportive physicians, enjoyable moment having meal and chit-chatting. Time flew quickly and we had no choice but have to end the meeting session at about 2pm.
One of the highlights was when Tony, one of our old friend who brought his guitar and sang for us. Tony, a young musician, a CML survivor who never gave up on his life, wrote a song for Max, and Pat during Oct 2007.
Last but the most important message – thank you to everyone who has made the workshop a success. I don’t know what are the best words to express my sincere appreciation to the physicians, nurses, supporters, the volunteers who had sacrificed their weekend, spent their time with us, and worked hard to make sure the meeting going on smoothly.

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