Mexico and the swine flu;¿an epidemic?


I don’t know if you have heard something in the news this weekend. But I want to share this situation that I have never seen in my country.

Mexico has been attacked with the swine flu. We have a big alert. The government shut down schools, museums, theaters, concerts and even the most important park in Mexico City. The schools are shut down until may 6th. The alert is not in all the country, but is in a couple of states now.

There have been more than 100 deaths due to this flu, this weekend the city was empty, lot of people are in panic. Some patients that have their physicians appointment this week in Mexico City, have called asking if they should attend or not, or if it is canceled. Everything is fine now for them, but they must be very caoutios. This flu has a cure, if it is detected on time (as almost all the diseases), the risk is that in 48 hours the flu can turn into a pneumonia, which is more dangerous.

Dra. Chan, from the World Health Organizatin said:

The current situation constitutes a public health emergency of international concern. However, more information is needed before a decision could be made concerning the appropriateness of the current alert level.

I haven’t heard of any CML or GIST patient infected., and I hope I dont hear about it during this period. I’m fine, and all my love ones are also fine. But we are very alert in case that any symptoms appear. Just wanted to share with you, so you can pray or send good vibes to our people, so this wont go further and we can return to our normal lifes very soon.

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