Thank God It’s Friday! (T.G.I.F)

Beginning April 17th and every Friday thereafter, all leukemia patients and their caregivers specifically non-GIPAP patients are invited to participate in a support group meeting. Through the encouragement of Pat and my PO, Danielle, TMF in Manila will host a regular sharing session with patients to foster mutual support, comfort and friendship.

Our 1st meeting was attended by 6 patients and 4 caregivers. The meeting was started with a buddy game which helped the participants became more at ease with each other. There was so much laughter and teasing in this activity.

I briefly discussed with them the objectives of the meeting and showed them a power point presentation of TMF. Likewise, I asked each of the participants of their expectations in coming to the meeting. Majority of their response was to get to know other patients and derive additional information about their disease. During the sharing session, the participants became emotional as they recount the day when they were diagnosed with CML. Everyone was given the opportunity to share their life’s journey. The group was reminded to respect each other’s privacy and the information they heard will remain in the four corners of the room.

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