My New Year charitable event. 2009

Just before New Year I an idea makes up my mind to arrange the New Year gifts collections for children that are under my care. There are 5 children: Stas Evdokimov (5 years old), Nastya Kulazhnikova (5 years), Roksolana Molodnyak (15 years old), Slava Zhikharenko (15 years old), Sasha Novokreshchenov (3 years), and Pasha Kuzmenko (9 years old). All children suffer from cancer. Also cancer children’s hospital in Belarus tool part in my event. I posted an announcement in my live journal. I did not hope for response but I got it! Several people desired to make such gifts! I was really happy. There were absolutely unknown to me people. Just families who decided to give little part of their hearts to the sick children.

In a week I gathered wonderful New Year gifts for children. Just before New Year I was very busy sending gifts to different cities. Such as two gifts went to Kharkov (Ukraine), one went to Lvov (Ukraine), another one went to St. Petersburg (Russia), one gift went to Dankov (Russia) and the last one went to Kostomuksha (Russia). A big New Year parcel went to Belarus Cancer Children Hospital. Almost every day after my classes in the Institute late in the evening I was at the railway station waiting for the train who will deliver my gift to the child. I forwarded my gifts through carriage conductor, because it is the fastest way.

All children were very happy having amazing gifts! And I was happy too!

There some photos with gifts and children:

This is the gift.

Belarus Cancer Children Hospital has got the dart board!
The gift.
Sasha Novokreshchenov has got hte Spider Man car and the railway station with a train!
Stas ahs got an helicopter, tanks and policman and criminal he is chasing after!
There will be the other photos with Roksolana, Pasha and Nastya soon.
Happy New Year, dear children!

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