Nelia and Erin help us shine in the Philippines

Nelia and Erin do it again! As you might have heard, the efforts of The Max Foundation in the Philippines were recognized by the Philippine General Hospital at the PGH Foundation Week Celebration on August 13th 2008. The Certificate of Appreciation was accepted by the one and only TMF star, Nelia.

Each year, the hospital presents awards to honor those extending invaluable support to charity patients of PGH. At the award ceremony, hospital Director Carmelo Alfiler made mention of The Max Foundation’s special efforts to help patients in need through facilitating drug donations to their pharmacy. This is in reference to donations of blood which we have facilitated, as well as donations of drugs such as Anagrelide. Nelia and Erin worked very hard and collaborated very well on these donations.

Nelia presented the award to Erin at our evening session in our little room in Geneva.

Way to go, girls!

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