Venky’s Visit, a rare opportunity to visit with one of our friends from India

In all these years working with thousands of people around the world, I can count with one hand the times we have had one of our patients or their family members, visit us here in Edmonds. Last year, there was a gentleman from Malaysia; and who can forget Duc, from Vietnam…

Today it was Venky!

The first time Charlene and I met Venky it was in Chennai, October of 2003, Friends of Max launch. He was in college then, and his father had been a GIPAP recipient since June 2002…one of the first ones. I remember him, of course, because he shares names with Viji’s husband, Venky. I remember Viji telling me what a wonderful young man Venky was, and how much he was volunteering with the group.

Today, Venky is here in an assingment working with Boeing as some IT smart guy. He was so excited to be here and said he needed to go home and call his parents and let them know he had come to see us. We showed him the office and proudly showed him all the India memorabilia that decorate our conference room; we made him sign one of the banners….

and we gave him one of the volunteer shirts from the Friends of Max Bangalore meet.

Charlene, Erin and Nataliya took him out for Mexican food and talked about opportunities to volunteer with us.

So nice, such a sweet young man; we enjoyed his visit.

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