Current key projects

Patient book of art – patient book of stories:

We are gearing up for the bulk of the work for the patient book of stories. It will showcase patient’s art and the stories behind the art. The book will be high quality, good graphics and nice photos, and we be used to distribute widely to people interested in our work. The goal of the book is to bring the global community closer to the patients and raise awareness of the needs of cancer patients in developing countries. We hope the audience will be able to better understand the humanity of these families in order to better recognize the need to help them. We also hope the book will showcase the impact of a program like GIPAP on these families.

On our side, Erin is project managing, with support from Barbara. On the production side, we are working with a professional in India. Viji will also have an important role in the writing piece. So far we are planning on interviewing 15 patients, representatives of Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and India. Countries not represented are countries from where we had no (or few) entries for the art project. I suggest a bigger push for the art contest this year as it has become a very successful project.

  • Compliance Project – Maximize Life patient workshop

    We are trying a new program in some countries, with two goals:

  • to focus on patient education with emphasis in treatment compliance;
  • to systematically reach out to CML patients who might not be in GIPAP (accessing through other paths)

    For now we are working with Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, and perhaps South Africa. We are designing periodic workshops incorporating some of the TMF projects, fostering patient group development, adding a measurement tool, etc.

    This project is very important because this is something that can create a new niche for TMF beyond donation programs and will allow us to serve more patients.

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