I like to introduce my bundle of Joy – Nivanshi.

               When I shared the news of my pregnancy I was nervous whether
I will be able to handle the role of a “Mother”, though I never discussed this
with anyone. Today I can say that yes I have an answer to my question. I love
being a mother because of the hugs, the giggles, and the grins. First when I
heard her heartbeat in one of my checkups and saw her through the scan my eyes
were filled with tears of joy, it was a new life. As days passed and I was
nearing my D-day I was getting scared, however working made me relax and get
diverted from all unnecessary thoughts flying in my mind and I could never make
out how the days passed.

 As the
D-day approached I moved to my home town to be closer with my mother. It was
just a normal day of my work still I had not opted for my maternity leave. Over
the weekend I had doctor checkup so my husband was coming down to meet me and
accompany me to the doctor. As he started his overnight journey he had a word
with me and then switched off his mobile phone. Our daughter had a surprise for
him in the morning. Our bundle of joy was delivered on February 19th
at 11:45 pm, most of my relatives were aware of the same except my husband. He
could not control his happiness at the news as he met me in the morning. He conveyed
the good news to my team and wishes were pouring from all sides.

Then I went on a maternity leave till May 16th. Beena
had come to meet me and see my bundle of joy. I was so happy to see her but
regret that I forgot to click a picture of her with my daughter. After my maternity
leave when I resumed my work there were lot of changes in the program. For me
to get back on track was another challenge. There were new recruits in our team
I had to train them which was a great experience. This training also helped me
get on track.

My daughter has already completed 8 months and I feel like
it was just a couple of week back that I had held her in my arm for the first
Last month we had a Maximize life campaign event here in
Bangalore in Cubbon Park and my husband and daughter accompanied me.

 Motherhood is knowing joy, even while experiencing the
hardest trials of my life. I have learned to rise to any occasion and find
myself lifted to new heights while stretching myself beyond any and all limits
I once put upon myself. What I love about being a Mom is that my daughter has
enhanced my life in so many ways. I am a better wife, worker, friend. Nothing
else can produce the joy that motherhood allows. Along with the happiness,
responsibilities are also increased not only towards my daughter, but also
towards my work as I have to manage both wholeheartedly and with full
affection. I try to manage both the roles and am glad that I have succeeded, and will surely excel in both. 

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