TMF team changes:

As many of you might know, we have just brought in two junior MaxStations in Thailand and Malaysia; and we are in the process of finding a MaxStation for Sudan.

Earlier this month, Susana announced that it is time for her to move on. She is moving to another job that will allow her to be closer to her daughter on an everyday basis.

For those of you that might not know, Susana was the “original” program officer when GIPAP started; the first 100 cases in GIPAP were managed by her and mostly through a notebook and her great memory. We have come a long way since then. Her official end date has not been set yet. We will miss her, but she will forever remain part of the history of TMF and we hope to have her as a volunteer in the future. For now, we are soon starting to look for a replacement for her.

2008 Training Strategy for MaxStations and Program Officers

As you all know, with so many new projects and a constant need to share information with each other, we are in urgent need to find a way to facilitate information transfer and training of the entire team. Last year’s focus on emails, FTP site document storage and bi-monthly TC’s are not enough any more to ensure everyone is well trained.

We are in the process of re-designing our training SOP. Below are a few highlights of the new strategy:

  • Danielle will have a larger role in overseeing not only initial training of MS but also on-going training on the GIPAP side, in partnership with Erin on the PINC side;
  • For each project, there will be an email introduction to the project for MaxStations and Program Officers from the project lead;
  • Whoever is managing the project will conduct an in-service training for POs so POs will be better equipped to support their MaxStations with training;
  • Following that, POs will transfer information to MS with focus on the use of skype and smaller groups of maxstations;
  • We will use more one on one calls as well;
  • We will re-organize the FTP site to make it friendlier and we are looking for better solutions for easy access to documents;
  • One very successful and important part of the training has been the regional maxstation workshops. We will make sure all MS get the opportunity to attend one regional workshop a year.

    And so that you all start preparing yourselves for training, here are some of the very important topics coming up soon:

  • Tagging (PINC)
  • New SAE process
  • New patient confidentiality guidelines and process;
  • Changes to PATS: introduction of orphan diseases in a country by country basis;
  • Tasigna and TIPAP in a country by country basis;
  • Interviewing patients (for the book of patient art)
  • On-going patient services training for new resources available to patients
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