Latam MaxStation workshop last November

In November of last year, the entire Latam team (MaxStations, Program Officer and myself) had the opportunity to attend a patient group meeting as well as Max’s Birthday celebration in Chile. It was wonderful to get to know the MaxiVida Chile patient group and to learn from the great job Ines has done in motivating the group. The meeting was both emotional and fun and many patients spontaneously gave testimonials of hope and courage and everyone was moved by their words.

Following the patient event, we stayed in Chile for our annual two day internal training workshop. We all felt that this was a very important session where we had the opportunity to learn from each other; discuss topics of common interest and fully understand the vision and goals of the organization.

We used the structure of the earlier April meeting in Malaysia, but added at the end the setting of formal regional goals for the year. This is a new addition to the workshop structure and I have incorporated it to future annual workshops.

Thank you to Ines for hosting the meeting and inviting us to the patient group event, especially as both were out of station for her (even in a different country!)

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