A Mystery Gift Exchange at Global Headquarters

This year Max Global held a Mystery Gift Exchange!  This is a twist on the usual Holiday gift
exchange, in that the “exchange” happens before the gifts are opened!

In a Mystery Gift Exchange, a low price limit is set.  When you only have a few dollars to work with,
you have to be very clever or very funny in your choice, as laughter and
surprise adds value to the most humble gift. 
When you find it, you wrap that gift as beautifully or crazily as you
can.  You can completely disguise the
gift; like putting something tiny in a giant box or wrapping it elegantly as if
it were a precious jewel.  The exotically
wrapped gift is the one every wants!

We placed the gifts on the table in the small meeting room
we call the Café.  All week long, new
packages would arrive daily, packages that rattled and jingled, that gleamed and
sparkled, and one that smelled very strongly!! 
The suspense was building….

On Mystery Gift Day, we gathered in the conference room and
drew numbers.  Number 1, Craig, picked
his package, without opening it.  Number
2, Danielle, could pick a new package OR she could pick Craig’s package!  And he would pick a new package.  On it went, with people choosing a new
package or “stealing” someone else’s, not knowing what they would wind up with.  Finally, Craig as Number 1, got one last chance
to choose from all the gifts and it was time to unwrap them.
It was pretty amazing! 
People were quite happy with the gift they received, quite by
chance.  There was a Unicorn toy that
popped rainbow balls from his mouth when squeezed, an electronic bad mitten
racket for swatting flies, a pair of eyes googles that acted like a straw for
drinking.  Mercedes, who was with us to receive her Patient Advocacy award got a sleeping mug, that wakes up when hot coffee is poured in it.  There were  many fun toys and joke gifts.

I think I was the luckiest, for I choose a package that no
one stole and I wound up with the best gift of them all.…..

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