MM education at Naresuan University Hospital

As I was thinking of what
province should we go setting up MM education, since I wanted to maximize the
meeting. I wanted to make sure that there would be as much as people come and
get educated about MM. One day during lunch, Wirat was telling me that he
talked with one of the hematologists at Naresuan University Hospital (Naresuan University Hospital is a primary teaching hospital of
the Faculty of Medicine Naresuan University. The hospital is designed as the
super tertiary care medical center in the lower northern region of Thailand.
The hospital is regarded as one of the key hospitals in the northern part of
Thailand. )
and he asked that physician that the Max Foundation was
seeking an opportunity to manage patient education in the hospital.
Fortunately, he was so positive and he was suggesting us to contact Dr.
Rawisut is a resident physician at the Naresuan University Hospital. He is in
charge of MM patients at the hospital and he has expressed his desire to have
MM education for his patients and other patients around this area. Taking to
him over the phone, he gave an insightful observation that patients and
caregivers here are not well educated and seem to be indifferent with following
up with patients regarding their sickness. One of the concerns he stressed is
that people in this area are not serious on doing blood test due to financial
difficulty. He was asking if we can do blood test for those who join the
meeting so that it will raise awareness for them to see the importance of doing
blood test once in a while. We decided to give free blood test for those who
attend the meeting as part of the event. I was so happy knowing this passionate
physician who is so thoughtful for patients. Then we were arranging time and
date on patient education. We agreed on December 3, 2015 since Dr. Rawisut was
available on that day.
We flew to Pitsanulok on December 2, 2015. After that we met
Dr. Rawisut, he toured us around the hospital and also the place where will we
have MM education. Then we talked for a while then he excused himself to work.
Front view of  Naresuan University Hospital.
Dr. Rawisut who is in charge of MM patients in the hospital.

Next day on December 3, 2015 was the day of MM workshop. We
opened the event with registration and blood test done by Dr. Rawisut. We gave
away MaxSmiles bags and The Max Foundation wristband. There was a nurse helping
Dr. Rawisut on extracting blood form the attendants. The environment was full
of positive spirit. Around 9.30 am, there was an opening speech led by Dr.
Peerapol, the head of internal medicine department. In his speech, he expressed
his impression about the Max Foundation which continues to work supporting
patient emotionally and psychologically. He was a fan of our MaxSmiles
newsletter J
Bags and Wristbands for attendants.

Wirat and Dr. Rawisut are exchanging conversation before the event.

Blood testing kits.

People starting to register to the event.

Dr. Rawisut is extracting blood from attendant.

Snack corner

Lining up for registration.

Dr. Peerapol, the head of internal medicine department of the hospital.

Wirat represents the gift to Dr. Peerapol.
Then the event proceeded with the educational session led by
Dr. Rawisut. He gave a simple yet knowledgeable presentation. Then he asked his
two patients to share their treatment experiences about MM treatment. One is
treated with BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant). The other is treated with Revlimid.
To show how differences are treatments and what the criteria should one
consider whether to be treated with BMT or not. This was an interesting
presentation since it came from the real experiences of patients. We ended the
workshops with Q&A and sharing from patients and caregivers.
Dr. Rawisut is giving educational session.

Sharing session.

Son of the patient is explaining how to advocate his mom.

Medical student is registering to the event.

After the workshop, I was able to talk with a patient. The
patient who shared his experience is the one who is in RAP. I was so happy
meeting him in person and he was happy to meet the Max Foundation person as
well. We exchanged conversation after the meeting. He said he had got another
event to attend but since his doctor asked him to share his experience and he
would be able to meet me so he did not join that event but came here instead.
With RAP patient.
During lunch, we gave lunch box to attendants. Later around
noon time, the blood test results came. Dr. Rawisut was there to read blood
test results for them. There was one lady who has never done blood test before
in her life. She had her blood test today and her result was to be worried. She
has ron deficiency anemia. Dr. Rawisut read
blood test result and gave them some suggestions to take care of themselves.

With medical students, patients and Dr. Rawisut.

Representing the bag to our dedicating doctor.

Dr. Rawisut is reading blood test result to attendants.

Finally, I am proud to
say that this is the best MM workshop ever in Thailand. I have witnessed the
dedications of the physician and other healthcare providers in this University
hospital. We worked as a good team. Lesson learnt from this workshop is that
heart full of love and compassion can do anything under the Sun. If we have sincere heart to do good deeds, we will achieve it and
achieve it successfully.

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