Secret Santa…the fun begins!!!

Every year
Santa Claus appears at Christmas night with a bag full of gifts for the
children. For adults, it is a way to give to the child without hesitating and
let know that the world is generous and be grateful for all the good things in
Christmas is nearing and the year 2015 is about to end, we decided to do
something on these lines. Last year we celebrated our first Secret Santa event
at The Max Foundation  Office in India. Time just flies and now we are
ready to celebrate our second Secret Santa fest. Curiosity and excitement of
all the team members has doubled this time. The process started with making the
chits with individual names on it. Everybody gathered in the Sun Room near the
table with the bowl holding the chits. As soon as Amma signaled, everyone
pounced on the bowl and grabbed their chits.  After reading the name of
the person (as secretly as possible) people just looked at each other with a
huge smile on the face. One is supposed to buy a gift for the person whose name
is mentioned on the secret chit without anyone else knowing who you are going
to be a Santa to.
The secret
will be disclosed on 31st Dec, 2015. So all of us are waiting for
this day eagerly.
We miss our
Off Site team members on days like this, but Amma has a plan for Secret Santa to
visit them too.

The Max
Foundation team in India would take this opportunity to wish everyone a
wonderful, joyful Christmas!!!

From Prasad and Philip.

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