Blogfest Supreme from Latam to the World

Hi all! Long time no see!
As you probably already inferred, it is not a custom in
Latin America to write blog posts. It’s not that people don’t want to, there
are no bad intentions, it’s more like people just forget, or are too shy to
talk about their experiences in public.
That is why I, the Root of all Evil (M.D.), have devised a
Macabre Plan Supreme in order to solve this problem, and thus save the world from
remaining ignorant about our tiny continent.

Since I’m a sneaky little sneak, I kept my Plan a secret
from the MSs, because I can. First, I invited all of my MaxStations to our
weekly Latam TC. They thought we were just going to talk about trainings and
campaigns, so they unknowingly got online at the precise time. We usually do
our TCs through GoToMeeting, and use our computer cameras to be able to see
each other. After discussing some issues that involved the upcoming Hematology
Conferences MaxLatam is going to participate in, the Maximize Life Campaign,
the Essay Contest and such, without a word to let them know what was coming, I focused
my camera on 8 seemingly blank pieces of paper, lined up one by one on the
table, like this:
Then, I politely asked them to choose a piece of paper, one
after the other. The order in which they chose their piece was up to them. Even
though nobody knew what this was about, people had no choice but to volunteer.
Once a person chose their paper I wrote their name on it and removed it from
the lot, and after a little while every MaxStation had a piece of paper
assigned to them, like this:
So now was the time for me to announce my Plan. In the order
they chose their piece of paper, I showed them each one, first the name I had
written on it, and then what was inside, like this:
Sorry for the untidy doodles – those are supposed to be the
girls’ names, and on the right side of the arrow, a month of the year, from
August 2015 to Match 2016. In
English, it says:
– Gi
(Gisela) – March
– Lyat
– Eve
(Evelyn) – October
– Vicky
(Victoria) – September
– Cyn
(Cynthia) – January
– Meli
(Melisa) – February
– Nilexis
– Martha
My Plan was complete and I had fulfilled my Mission: to
assign a MaxStation to a month of the year. In the upcoming 8 months, you will
receive in your inbox a blog post authored by the Latam MS who chose that month.
They will tell us all about the work they’ve been doing in their country/region,
and share stories of patients they have helped, as members of The Max Foundation.
So without further ado, and taking into consideration that
you probably have never been introduced to the Latam MaxStations to be able to
match a face with a name, these are the Latam Peeps you will blogmeet, now in chronological
August: Lyat Granati, Chile, MaxStation for Chile, Bolivia
and Paraguay, and Day by Day Coordinator
September: Victoria Duhalde, Argentina, MaxStation for
Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, and CML Alliance Cooordinator
Vicky, let me show your picture!!
Evelyn Berduo, Guatemala, MaxStation for Central America and the Caribbean
(Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica).
November: Martha Rosario, Dominican Republic, MaxStation for
Dominican Republic and Day by Day Coordinator
December: Nilexis Bernard, Dominican Republic, Day by Day
Cynthia Figueroa, Mexico, MaxStation for Mexico
And her sidekick, MaxMiniMexico (MMM for short)!!
February: Melisa Fazio, Argentina, CML Alliance Coordinator
March: Gisela Corchado, Mexico, MaxStation for Mexico and
Day by Day Coordinator
I will say goodbye with a photo of the paper-flower
arrangement I keep on my desk, as a reminder of whose turn it will be to post
on the blog each month.
Stay tuned for more news from Latam!

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