MM meeting: the lesson of finding hope in every day’s activities

Last 4th of July 2015,
we had MM meeting in Bangkok for MM patients. It has been 4 consecutive years
that we have this meeting.
The situation of RAP (Revlimid
Assistant Program) in Thailand is growing significantly. We have 200 more
active patients in the program. This year I expected the number of attendants
should be 50-70. I mailed out 181 invitation letters to the patients in the
program and also I made the flyer to promote to MM patients to the key
hospitals such as Siriraj hospital.
The important part is to find the
speaker who is knowledgeable in MM. Wirat was suggesting that he will invite
Dr. Akekapan, the hematologist form Siriraj Hospital. He is very friendly and
he immediately said yes to be part of the event. We are always blessed that we
always have doctors who are willing to help on The Max Foundation’s activities.
One month before the actual
event, we had brainstorming with MaxSmiles members during monthly meeting. I can
say that without them, 2 of us might be tired preparing the event.
On the event day, there was a
bike event which caused traffic around Bangkok and this caused some patients to
miss the event also since they were struck on the road for hours. We got 51
attendants for this year plus 30 members of MaxSmiles to welcome them.
We started with the introduction
to the Max Foundation then we proceeded to MM educational session. Dr. Akekapan
was able to elaborate MM with simple and concise language. He talked around 45
minutes. Then he opened for the attendants to ask. The session lasted until
12.30. Then we had group picture before lunch.
For the afternoon session, we had
sharing session between MM patients and MaxSmiles members. This session was
powerful and touching for me. Some MM patients confessed that they already gave
up in living but it was good that they were here to learn that there is always
hope and meaning of life for each day for them. From a patient who gives up
hope in living to be the one who brings hope to others who are hopeless. This is
something I see as an achievement from this meeting. Some are interested in
joining our monthly meeting. At the end of the sharing session, MM patients
have promised that they will be the agents of hope to others who come across
their lives.
Finally by organizing MM meeting for
them, we are not just only giving, we are receiving as well. We received
love, care and respect that existed during the meeting. I have learnt that hope is always there for
those who search for it. We just have to think positively and then our world
will change forever.
“The eye sees only what the mind
is prepared to comprehend.” Henry Bergson

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