Raise that ‘Cup of Chai’ and Drink to a Cause – Bangalore CFC

11, 2015 – It was one of a kind event where, for the first time a corporate was
involved in the fund raising activity for Friends of Max (FOM) in Bangalore.
major contributor to the event was HDFC bank, which is one of the leading banks
in India. The meeting was conceptualized by one of the employees of the bank
who had been following Amma in the ‘100 Sari’ pact. She contacted the FOM
member and the rest is for all of us to cherish. The enthusiasm and the drive,
which they showed, was tremendous. All the staff from the HDFC bank was wholeheartedly
involved in the event. There were some customers who waited for the event after
the bank closed for the day. 
Param, one of the trustees of FOM, took charge of the entire event. He
introduced FOM and shared his experience of being a cancer survivor. We (Ashika
and Shilpi) were asked by Param Ji to share what The Max Foundation does. There
was a question answer session. People were so delighted to know that close to
17,000 patients were being assisted by the Max foundation and Novartis. They
also shared their ideas of taking this program on a larger platform like
joining hands with larger corporate section and conducting the event in their offices.
were some emotional moments as well when amongst the small gathering a person
shared his experience of being a cancer survivor and how his 3 year old
daughter has been detected with cancer just few months back. We still need to
do a lot to help wipe out the fear that comes along with a diagnosis of cancer.
it was a small gathering, it was a huge success because of the love, sharing
and the contributing for a cause. One left with a positive feeling! 
bank has launched a product in Cancer Insurance and informed us about its key
points. This will be a huge support for cancer patients in India who have
trouble getting insurance for treatment, travel etc. They had a small session
about their insurance. They also shared their willingness to have more events
like this in various branches.
aspect that cannot be ignored were the fun moments we shared at meeting the FOM
members in Bangalore. They are doing such amazing work. 

– This was my first ever CFC event I have attended and I was so happy to see
people appreciating the initiative of The Max Foundation and FOM and also sharing
their views on the event. I was feeling so proud when I was introduced as a Max
Station and answered all the queries about my organization with great pleasure.
This was a good platform to establish interaction with people and it gave me a
feeling of deep satisfaction with the work we are doing. I observed that this
event helped in creating awareness about cancer and am happy that this will
help to spread the awareness amongst their family and friends.
–This CFC Adda will be very special to me as I got to talk about my
organization for the first time in front of an audience. This was truly
humbling and at the same time I felt proud of making a real difference to the
patients we care for.  Initially it gave
me jitters, but as I spoke I gained the confidence. The video of Amma and Erin,
that I saw the night before inspired me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad61EQsXML4).
Advocates here were in action and will continue to do so!
was my second Chai for cancer Adda this year. The first one was in Rajiv Gandhi
Cancer Hospital, New Delhi where it was a different experience altogether as I
got to interact with the patients and the treating physicians. The amount of
love and respect that some patients have for Max is an achievement in itself.
trust that a physician or a hospital gives to an organization is splendid. On
these lines we are planning to do an adda in in Bangalore as well.
conclude, we would like to share that meeting, interacting, sharing and spreading
awareness is essential for inspiring us daily to carry on the good work. When a
greater good comes out of it, then it’s like a silver lining on the work done.
watch out this space for another Chai for Cancer Adda, which is in planning.
to our super active and wonderful FOM (Friends of Max) team!
By, Ashika
and Shilpi

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