Best Practices – LS2015

Our quality of life will be determined
by the quantity and quality of our contribution. When we work to improve the
lives of others, our life improves automatically.
Efforts and courage are not enough
without purpose and direction. This has been proven by A few City Chapters of the
Friends of Max who presented their Best Practices in a one-hour session. They
showcased their wonderful activities that won them recognition. They shared
their achievements and unique accomplishments. The participants loved listening
to them and learning from the successful strategies and innovative partnerships
in the community.


As we all know, the patient’s community
of CML and GIST in India is called Friends of Max (FOM).   FOM along with Max conducted the 2nd
Leadership Summit in Hyderabad – the princely state of India, famous for its
pearls. More than 120 city chapter leaders and the entire Max India team
attended the meeting on 18th and 19th April 2015.
This session was chaired by two of the trustees
– Mr. Shyam Kankani and Mr. S Parameshwaran.
Amma – Ms. Viji Venkatesh, our very own
celebrity has got a touch of Midas. Whatever she does makes our country and us
proud – be it Chai For Cancer or ‪#100SariPact. Her presence guides,
lights inspires and cheers us. This summit was a huge success under her
guidance. Our dear Pat Garcia Gonzalez brought memories of Max with her – because
of him we all exist as the Max team and Friends of Max.


The Pune city chapter is the youngest
amongst all the chapters in India. Two of the pillars – Amruta Patidar and
Nikhil Batra presented the philosophy behind them becoming highly successful
and full-fledged city chapters in a short time span. Their motto for forging
ahead is – ‘Being together is Success’ – this
underlines the cohesive team spirit. They moved together like one big family.
They successfully hosted the 1st Leadership Summit in April
2013.  All the FOM leaders in that summit
had one goal – ‘Aspire to Inspire’ and they did prove it right. They followed
the mantra that – Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much!

Delhi showcased the strategy in fundraising
with a famous Delhi Cancer hospital – Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute (RGCI).
Every core member from the Delhi chapter was involved in the event. Doctors and
their team donated generously for the event. Mr. Anil Nagpal delivered the
presentation and explained how it was an experience to interact with the
physicians and their team. The Chai for Cancer 2014 event in RGCI was a success.

Mr. Neel Kankani represented
the Kolkata city chapter and discussed in detail the various aspects of
fundraising. He stressed on the key issues for which fund raising is to be
done. This donation goes in fulfilling the mission of FOM, to offer new patient
services and to make the community a better place through delivering quality
care to all poor and needy patients. He pointed out the various reasons that a
donor thinks about prior to donating for a cause – this could be for tax
rebate, belief in the institution

or the cause and confidence in the
leadership. They connected with the Tata Medical Center, Kolkata patients and
staff of the hospital. The Conclusion of their presentation – ‘ Coming together
is a beginning…Keeping together is a progress…Working together is success..!! ‘

Patna, the abode of Gautama Buddha 

Every year since 2008 when the city chapter of
Patna evolved, they have been successfully conducting regional meets in Patna.
The participants have been increasing steadily. These meetings are an awareness
camp for patients and also give them a chance to interact with their
physicians. Fund raising was also conducted through ‘Chai for Cancer’ campaign
in the last meeting. They also have an entertainment section in the meeting for
the participants like a toy-train ride, a play, and steamer ride on the Ganges.
Prashant the FOM City Chapter leader who could not attend the meet
unfortunately due to work commitments sent in the presentation and Priyanka his
MS in the MI team

made the presentation on his behalf.

First Patna Regional meet
2015 Patna Regional meet


The next presentation was by
the Ranchi city chapter of FOM who conducted their first regional meeting
successfully. The leader , Rishi could reach the venue onlu on the 19th
so on his behalf Kolkata FOM Shesh made the presentaion . The long journey of
10 years before hositng the first meeting was explained in detail – the
challenges and the solutions. They had the support and presence of a political
leader which made all the participants feel welcome and respected . In the
meeting various important issues like compliance, patient queries and side
efects were discussed. It was a place to network and bond together among
volunteers, patients and physicians.

The Indore City Chapter that represents the
large state of Madhya Pradesh conducted their third successive regional meet in
2014. Besides some excellent medical sessions they also had a Drama therapy
workshop. They also involved the media to cover the meeting in the local
newspaper. Just a handful of volunteers but they have bonded incredibly well is
the message Harshad brought out when he presented.
The FOM City chapters gave way to some
wonderful ideas. This was followed by the question answer round wherein various
other FOM volunteers brought forward their queries. This was excellent session
to discuss and interact among ourselves.
The learnings : Engage young people in all aspects of program planning,
development, implementation, and evaluation. Provide training on how to
effectively develop youth-adult partnerships. Create opportunities for both
youth and adults to share decision making. Be sure to carve out specific roles
for each one in the group.


 A wise quote said – If you cant
explain your work in a process then you don’t know what you are doing. The
clarity in each presentation just showcased the sharp vision and mission of
Friends of Max. We wish the very best to their future endeavors’!

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