Working Saturday at Max India Office – March 14th 2015

Let me introduce you all to a trend of Max India Office about
working Saturdays. MaxIndia MaxStations and Program Officers work all week days
from Monday to Friday and the 1st Saturday of the month is considered
as working Saturday.
Working Saturday is not like the usual working days. Majorly a lot of paper
work, file cleaning work and team bonding activities are planned for the
Let me take you all to one such Saturday – March 14th 2015,
9.30 AM to 3.00 PM.
Unlike the working Saturday of the February month, where the entire team
visited the Gateway of India at CST and enjoyed the Ferry Ride in the Arabian
Sea and loads of photo sessions as part of the team building activity, Amma
decided to give us some ‘Gyaan’ (term for ‘Knowledge’ in Hindi) in the month of
March. Thus Amma took us through the topic – History of GIPAP.
Ferry Ride – Feb 2015

Team at Gateway
The entire team in office gathered in Amma’s room at 11:00AM whereas the
offsite team members connected via Tele conference.
The session started off with introduction – which was very strange as we
all know each other very well, but…..Did anyone know since when they were a
part of The Max Foundation?? The answer is No. Thus it was great to know each
team member more and learn about when and how they became one amongst us.
For eg:
1.    How Amma knew Dr.
Bhavna Sirohi and how she was introduced to her younger sister- Shilpi Singh,who
is now an integral part of The Max Foundation family.
2.   How Amma went all
the way to Hyderabad to interview Sudha who was introduced by Gita, a former
employee of Max, who know each other as ex students of TISS.
3.   Why Philip and
Santosh ji are labelled as ‘Senior Citizens’ as they are the members who have
worked Maximum after Amma herself. 
Amma with Sudha who visited the office for a week.
Likewise we got to know individually about each one of us. And after the
introduction now it was time for Amma to take us through the start of GIPAP
programme – how we got associated with Novartis and learnt more about Max and
his step mother, now the President and CEO of The Max Foundation – Pat.
In the span of one hour, Amma briefed us through a lot of topics like, the
vision and mission of The Max Foundation, Max’s story, total number of patients
till now in India, how differently the program worked in 2003 and how it got evolved
into NOA. She shared her experience of building strong working relationship with
the physicians in the initial days and maintaining them till date and the process of getting them on board as the ‘NOA

The above pics say it all..why working saturdays are fun!!

The best part of the day was to have Vishwa (our Chennai FOM volunteer)
amongst us. He had come to the office to volunteer in our daily activities for
a week. Loved having him with us.
Amma with the ever smiling Vishwa ( FOM Chennai)

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