We are engaged (with the Seattle community)!

As follow up to Pat’s previous blog setting the stage for our April 9th Open House, I am writing to share that it was a great success!

We estimate that we had about 75-80 guests from Seattle and beyond (Michael Wrigglesworth came from Hawaii and his folks came from Spokane).  It was a strong turn-out for sure and the caliber of our guests was especially exciting– lots of representation from the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute, from PATH (path.org), from people in the local business community, from the Washington Global Health Alliance, from communications, as well as friends from Edmonds who came to see our new office space.  It was a very fun and vibrant crowd and the event was a nice forum for everyone to network among each other, while also learning more about The Max Foundation.
Everyone who came through was given their own passport for their world tour. We invited them to visit all of our “regions” in order to get stamps in their passport from the places where we have our offices.  Once finished, they were to complete their “Visitor Visa” form with their contact details and leave it at the “Customs desk” by the front door. Anyone who left their visa was entered to win one of our door prizes (a gift basket of teas, a couple of gift certificates and a few bottles of wine– all donated from companies in the community).  People seemed to really love the concept and, just as importantly, it kept the flow at the event so guests moved from station to station in order to meet our team and hear about our work around the world.
Our HQ team members were all wonderful ambassadors, as well as our Board of Directors who shared with the community about why they give their time to volunteer with us.  Danielle dressed up her corner of the office with colorful tapestries and she hosted Dr. Jerry Radich, our Scientific Board Member from Fred Hutch and his poster about point of care diagnostics.  Ann was queen bee in the Asia Pacific Area which featured India and Malaysia.  And Pat’s office was transformed into Latin America, where she and Erin Lindsay were our representatives.  Each of our Board Members had assigned posts, Tracey was in Latin American, Jerry was in Asia Pacific and Bob made his way around the world with his camera. My special thanks to Paula Boultbee who was at our front entrance with me to welcome all of our guests and give them a glass of champagne to enjoy.
Though far away, each of you was certainly with us at the Open House in spirit because we couldn’t do it without you!  All in all, it was a wonderful way to get to know the Seattle community and engage them all in our daily work. Next, we get to build on the connections we made to keep people engaged in our work through volunteer opportunities, partnerships and collaborations.
Exciting times for The Max Foundation!  Thanks to all for being with us!
Best to all,

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