The Max Foundation: Open

This evening is the Open House at our new Global Headquarters in Seattle. The team has been working super hard to make sure we
put on a great evening, and everything that can be planned for has been
thoroughly discussed multiple times.
Ready or not (ready, very ready), tonight we will welcome
the community to our organization; we will open our doors, a symbolic moment
that represents much more than an evening event.
For the past many years that I can remember, we have been
hard at work, helping our patients, supporting our physicians and our patient
leaders; day in and day out we have worked nonstop with great commitment. And I would say proudly
more than once, when talking about The Max Foundation, “we are the type of
organization that if we have to choose between doing and telling what we do, we
choose to do”.  We are humble, we don’t
brag, we don’t do what we do so people think we are great; we do it because we
are deeply committed to the people we serve.
There is, however, another side. The larger community has no
idea of what we do, and by not talking about what we do, some walls may have
been built around us. Those inside absolutely feel a strong bond with us, and we don’t need to tell them what we do, they know; but
those outside do not know how to get in, and may feel like outsiders.
So for the past one or two years, we have been preparing for
this day. Lead by Erin’s vision, we have taken a series of steps, all aimed at
bringing down walls and allowing the community in: the re-branding, the move, joining
local networks, inviting more community members to our board, the new website
(did I say new website?? Yes indeed coming up soon!), a special community
engagement committee within our Board, a community engagement program too. We have realized, not only that we have an obligation to be transparent and open to the community, but also that we have an important voice to add to the global cancer community: the voice of the people we represent.
So ready or not, all this is to say that today is more than an evening
event; it is a very symbolic gesture of our coming out. And guess what? More
than 120 people have RSVP’d saying they are coming! To our little office!
Tonight is one of those moments that will go down in the history of the organization (no pressure people). But whatever
happens, we have already succeeded.

Welcome Seattle, to The Max Foundation!

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