With love in every stitch Chile!

Since I
knew that I’ll have the oportunity to receive hats from the worldwide campaign
with love in every stitch I was absolutely happy. I was excited with the idea
of organize an activity with kids. For me they are really special, they
have a bright that comes from their hearts. I started looking for
institutions and patients interested in the activity. The network Salud
UC-christus health the most important and largest private network of hospitals
in Chile was the most interested. I contact them and we started working in the
design and plan for the activity.

Once the
invitations and inscriptions were made and the expectation was implanted in the
oncology service the day comes and we started an activity full of color and
joy. The read of
maximo and the big C opened the event and was done in shifts with the
participation of children, their parents, health care professionals from the
service and even me reading this beautiful story.

Then we
talk and share personal experiences based on the moral of the story and the
life of Maximiliano, it was very cheering to hear so many stories full of
courage. Now I will
introduce you dear Maximo family some of the lovely Children of our activity:

She is our brave
Brianna, she had a chemotherapy session just before the activity. She was crying
when the needle of the medication was removed, but choose her hat made ​​her
feel better.

Here there
is a picture with Maximo and his mom. He was very excited to share the name with
the hero of our story and I was happy to meet him such a good representant of
what Maximo means in the real life.

beautiful girl is Connie, her father Rodrigo contact us some months ago asking
for help in the treatment of his daughter. I talk with him about the wristbands
and we share some ideas when I talk to him about the with love in every stitch
campaign and the book of Maximo and the big C. He likes the idea of receive
this material for Conny and also suggest to give it to Connie`s friend in the
institute. Due to the treatment of Connie we lost contact for some time with
Rodrigo, I tried to contact him but I haven`t answer. It was a nice surprise during
the activity when I started to talk about the max foundation and Rodrigo recognized
me, he told me I know you we talked by phone and it is good to see you here!.

They were
very participative during the whole activity. It was great to know in person to
Connie and her beautiful family.

They are
Cecilia, Connie and Rodrigo a fantastic family who fight against cancer
together with love reloading with that strength to Connie at all times.

These are
the faces of other powerful and lovely families that shared the activity.

They are
our three supergirls they wanted to send a message to all the people facing the
cancer, this is the translation: “with love in every stich hello we are three
friends who lived more or less the same (cancer). We met in CECA (center of
cancer). Our names are Aracely, Antonia y Carolina. We went through difficult
times, but the important thing is that we realize that life is wonderful and we
have to take full advantage of it”.

At the end
the children choose their hats, we ate cookies and the whole activity was a

With love
in every stich did not finished in Chile that day since it continued with some
visits to hospitalized kids in the pediatric unit.
I was so
proud of being part of the Max family that day and I felt blessed to have the
opprotunity to share this activity with such amazing people and kids that
filled my heart with gratitude to life. Thanks to
all the attendees and healthcare professionals in Red UC specially Isabel for made
of this activity a great hit!

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