Fundraising in the era of social media, and my birthday fundraiser

You all might have seen that I have donated my upcoming birthday to our cause. Here is the link to my fundraiser, take a look

Given that there are only a few days left in my fundraiser, I wanted to explain a little about what I have learned on fundraising in the era of social media. I recently attended a very good session on fundraising at Rising Sun. The speaker made three important points:

1. he reminded us that in the era of social media, messages and communications go from people to people, not from organizations to the public. He stressed that the power of fundraising is in a lot of people giving a little each.

2. He also spoke about why people give, and mentioned that most people will support a cause they can believe in. So, he suggested to build the communications about the cause, something everyone can relate to, as opposed to the organization, especially if the general public might not know the organization.

3. The third point he made is that most people will support a cause that their friends support. He really stressed the importance of asking your supporters to share in their social media sites that they supported your cause, and encourage their friends to support as well.

I chose to donate my birthday to ending inequalities in global access to cancer treatment (this is my cause and this is what all efforts of The Max Foundation lead to). I used a site that makes person to person fundraising very easy, crowdrise. It was super easy to set up, it is very friendly to manage, it makes sharing in social media very easy, and all donations will come to The Max Foundation and are tax deductible; it accepts credit cards from almost every country and no one has had a problem so far.

I have to say, so far it has made my birthday very meaningful; I think it was a great idea. You can browse the site and see that individuals are able to set up fundraisers of any kind and choose the organization they want to support. people with talents especially, donate all sorts of things, run marathons, climb mountains, skip across the country, anything.

Coming to this “fundraising in the era of social media” a bit late, but better late than never, I hope you also find this interesting and important. We all can play a role in expanding global support for our cause and strengthen The Max Foundation.

Thank you today and always for your efforts and your support. Thank you to my pals, partners in crime, Ann and Erin Lindsay, who have helped me with this project. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I shall turn 56 on Monday, and that is a lot of years. I am so glad to make them count and reaffirm my support for the patients we serve.

In case you missed it, check out my cause and share with others, thanks!!

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