Children´s day: Full of magic and fun!

México D.F.
day: Full of magic and fun!

Hello Max team, this is the first time I write in the blog,
so I´m very nervous but I want to share with all of you a beautiful experience of
a special day.

First I´m going to
introduce myself, my name is Estefany Green, I am 29 years old, I live in México City and I love it, it´s a very big and chaotic place but we have a lot of beautiful things too.

I studied Psychology in this city and I did my master
in Palliative care and support treatment in patients with cancer in Salamanca,
Spain last year. I came back to México at the end of September of 2013, I started
working in the Max Foundation in October and I´m very happy to be part of this
This is the “Plaza Mayor” in Salamanca
Here I am with Doctors and nurses of the “Hospital de los Montalvos” in Salamanca too.

Now, the title of blog is because on April 30th in
México we celebrate the children´s day and for that reason one of the most
important pediatric hospitals in México, called Instituto Nacional de Pediatria
(INP) did a big party for all the kids.
The guests started to
enjoy the party around 10:00 am and didn’t  hesitate to participate in all the activities
in the different areas of  the hospital like
games, shows, hand crafts, contests, face painting and more. In México the government covers their treatments, but we
have to remember why this foundation exists, and this is because a child named
Maximiliano lived and fought against CML.
The activity that the Max Foundation did on April 30th
was laughter therapy. I contacted
Ana, a woman who participates in a project named “Sonríe México” (Smile,
Mexico”) and she accepted to visit the hospital with me and do some activities
for the children and their families in the Oncology area. She was there for an
hour in order to remind all the people there (kids, family members, caregivers,
nurses, doctors, volunteers) that we need to smile and laugh some times, that
we have a lot of bad and sad situations but always we can share a good time
with other people around us.
A smile, a laugh, a hug and some kind words can be the
perfect medicine to have a better day and to be stronger for the next one.
 Here is one of the Oncology areas during the
laughter therapy, where the kids, parents and nurses participate.

She is Ana with Karla a girl with Lymphoma.

But the celebration didn´t end that day, we received
another invitation to be at the hospital on May 07th and that day the activity
we did was different, we read “Maximo and the big C” with the help of an
actress and singer, Alejandra Ley, who did the reading session in the Oncology
area too, this day was very emotiona lfor all the people who were there, the
children were very interested in the story and they asked for the books to see
the drawings and help Alejandra read some parts of the story. At the end of
both days, we gave hats from the program “With Love in Every Stitch” to all the
children who participated with us.
 She is Alejandra with two beutiful kids reading the book in Chemotherapy room.

I met Carolina this day, she is 12 years old, she was
hospitalized that day for her treatment, she was very excited for the
celebration but unfortunatelly she couldn´t go out for the room, so she couldn´t
enjoy a lot of activities, which made her feel a little bit sad. So Alejandra
had a very good idea, the room had a window and from there she could see one of
the backyards and the sky, so we got some balloons and asked her and other kids
in that room to write a wish on them, then we went out with other kids and let
them go with the wind, so Carolina and the other kids could see their balloons
through the sky, we hope that all their wishes come true.
She is Carolina with her hat made by “With Love in Every Stitch”

I´m very thankful with Ana and Alejandra for the
help they gave us with these activities and the hospital for the invitation, for giving us a morning full of love,
fun and happiness for all the people who were at the hospital.
Best Regards to all!

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