CML & Myeloma Patient Congress 2014 in Malaysia, Education Sessions are available in video record, via The Max Foundation Youtube channel

we read about Aina’s post about 4th
Patient Congress for People Living with CML and MM, in conjunction with MSH
earlier here

did record for all education sessions by speakers during the day, as we thought
it is a good resource to share among patient group post congress (especially
for those who were unable to attend) as well as our Max team. 
I personally
listen to the recording again as part of initiative of self-learning.
are the links to the recording for education sessions of the day:
both CML & Myeloma
Nutrition and Me, by Dietitian, Ms Wong Wen Yin. Click here for video clip
Safe Medication, Saves Lives: Empowering
Patient’s Role through Medication Management
What happen when you take your
Dr Haris Rahman, Haematologist. Click here for video clip (mostly in Malay language)
Safe Medication, Saves Lives from
pharmacist perspective,
Ms Tan Pei Lin, Pharmacist. Click here for video clip
New Drugs: Lessons Learned from A
Marriage of CML & TINIBs
by Dato Dr Chang KM, Consultant Haematologist. Click here for video clip
For Myeloma
My Bone is Aching: Living with
, Dr Bee Ping Chong,
Haematologist. Click here for video clip
Maintaining Bone Health while
Living with Myeloma
Dr Manmohan Singh, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon. Click here for video clip
the video clips of the session! 
I hope you will find them somehow useful J
PS: Thanks to Yee Jia who took lead
in the recording initiative and work on the footage; and thanks to Craig who has helped us upload the video in The Max Foundation youtube channel. 

Not forgetting everyone in The Max Foundation Malaysia team who has worked hard to put up the congress, as well as the core group members from Max Family and also volunteers. 

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