Hello from Max Malaysia

So hi to all from Malaysia. 

It has been a busy half first year for Max Malaysia team, and this month, the Ramadhan month will give us some space to breath and slow down as no patient meetings/activities during Ramadhan, to respect our Muslim friends and community. 
When I say this month is giving us some space to breath, we are still going to busy. 
Busy with the pending works from the past month, and more importantly, preparing for up coming activities and projects, as well as working on paper work of programs and projects. 
Some changes took place in Max Malaysia team during past few weeks/months, the important one includes:
  • Laura Chang, who was with us for slightly more than one year has left the team to pursue her passion in counseling focus field. 
  • Evon Chew just joined us last week, and she has many years working as clinical trials associate. Her passion in patient support area moved us, and thus, she is on board now with the team. We all look forward to have Evon taking lead in some program and project in Max Malaysia team after she has completed her training.
Exciting to also share with everyone that Max Malaysia just organized and hosted the Asia Pacific CML Advocates meeting known as Rising Sun last weekend – it was crazily busy organizing the meeting, but it turned out to be a fantastic meeting! We will write about the meeting in a separate post later. 
A lot of excitement taking place in Max Malaysia team – and I truly look forward for the 2nd half of the year, with the team of dedicated people. 
Mei Ching

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