New Experience New Learnings !!!

Hello everyone
I have completed two years of working
with The Max Foundation. It has been really an amazing journey. In June 2012, I
joined MaxIndia office and I was looking after the MaxStation responsibilities.
Gradually I was given some more responsibilities like taking care of MI Office
library, Maintaining Pregnancy list (Patients with and without medication),
Supervising all administrative procedure and so on. I have been actively witnessing
changes in NOA programme, changes in PATS and PINC and the most important is
new Logo with branding specifications. Between all of this one day Amma called
me in her cabin and asked me to start taking up the responsibility of planning FOM
meetings. I was well with handling post meeting tasks and this new thing came
to me during the preparation of Mumbai Meet.
I was very excited to work for Mumbai
Meet. I sent 5 poster designs to Ayeshah, Sharon and Amma for approval. We
worked on all the logistics of the meeting. 
I was enjoying the new responsibilities. Just one day before the meeting
I was little nervous.
The most awaited day had finally come,
June 21st. Early morning we all reached the venue. We set up the
registration counter. All the responsibilities had been divided among the Max
Team and FOM. We started interacting with the patients and caregivers. By
10.30am all were in the auditorium. Dr Hari Menon was also there. Dr Navin was
busy in BMT ward but he assured us that he will be joining us for the meeting.
It was nice and positive environment. The meeting started
with speech by Dr Hari Menon followed by The Max Foundation presentation by
Ayeshah. Our FOM volunteer Nirmesh presented on Friends Of Max and the service
provided by the Patient Organization. He also mentioned about the idea behind
having Physician Advisory Board. In a very smooth way he made the audience
understand that the group present here has the patients who were just diagnosed
and who are on medicine since 10 years and so one should ask as many as queries
they have and everyone here will help to solve.
Registration counter

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Welcome speech by Dr Hari Menon

Presentation on FOM
next agenda on the list was to have Art of living session. We also had Art of
Living session in Pune on the leadership summit, 2013. We found this session
was really useful. In Mumbai Meet we had this therapy session by Ms Vasudha
Agarwal. We all enjoyed the session. The crowd was relaxed and newly energized
and then we had question and answer session hosted by Dr Hari Menon and Dr
Navin. During lunch time we surprised Nirmesh by celebrating his birthday.
After a quick lunch Amma presented on Drama Therapy and divided the audience into
four groups. Each group had topics on which they had to perform. Amma guided
group to prepare their 7 minutes skit. I was also part of a group. Not only my
group but all other group members were talking to each other like they have
known each other since a very long time. I feel Drama therapy helps patients
and caregivers to understand the issues that they all face but just in
different perspective. 
Art of Living session by Ms Vasudha Agarwal

Q & A session with Dr Hari and Dr Navin

Birthday celebration

Presentation on Drama Therapy
the end we found that Regional Meet plays important role in creating hope and
dignity to our service users.  I was so
confident and proud being a part of this successful meeting.


  • Mumbai FOM were very happy with the new
    Max logo as they found many similarities in FOM’s logo and Max’s logo. 
  • Art of living session helps group to
    understand their strengths and create awareness on meditation.
  • Drama therapy not only helps group to
    improve their communication but also it brings self-awareness on different spontaneous strategies to overcome the issue. 

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