Greetings from Chile!


after  few months of becoming a new
member in the family of The Max Foundation I took a moment to tell you more
about me .
I would like to introduce myself, my name is María Angélica Guerrero Camargo. I
am a passionate for life and people. I`m a nurse from Colombia who loves
traveling, walking, making friends and being with my family.
was fate that led me to this job and this country. Before I was working for the
pharmaceutical industry in the ​​pharmacovigilance area. Then I won an
scholarship in Chandigarh, India in telemedicine.

(Me in the incredible India during my training)


I met there in the college the love of my life, Daniel. A cute Chilean designer that brought me to Chile, where I had the opportunity to meet the foundation and entering as local program coordinator for Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia since October 2014. Daniel and I got married two months ago in Chile and Colombia. With the bless of God, our family and closest friends.
(Our wedding in Colombia)

In the months that I have been working for The max foundation I’ve been touched by the stories of many patients and every day I find a lot of strength and courage of them to face the challenges of life, what is a great lesson for me.

This is the case of Miriam one of our patients in the LMC día Max día program who in spite of being far away from the capital of Chile took the risk of traveling alone more than four hours to join the march demanding to the Government the creation of a fund to finance the high cost of medicines required by the fight against chronic and rare diseases in Santiago, Chile. Even when currently she has guaranteed her medication from the government, she went to the march since she thinks that all the patients should be a support for each other and work togheter to improve their health.
Thanks to this march and the movilization of many people like Miriam that even without a personal or particular need involved, the voice of many people raised and succeeded in getting echo in the government. Michelle Bachelet the president of Chile announced two days ago that the project to create the fund for medication will be voted no later than December of this year. A great achivement for all the patients with high cost diseases and particularly for our patients with GIST.

(Pictures of the march in Santiago, Chile.)

While in this job I feel that with my work I can contribute to make patients feel better. And I feel proud for being part of a great team that works with such dedication and commitment to others around the world.

from the Latam Meeting in Buenos Aires)

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