“A message from the Heart”

year long, we all have been working and advocating to cancer diagnosis
patients. We have been advocating so many to each of patients, no matter in
what kind of work and we do, or help that we give.
we do them without thought they are really work or job, and feel they are part of
our lives. And for them, we so much meaning and really make their live,
and for them they would feel “miracles”
you remember my post “Ka, she who has never gave up” and remember the miracle
that had happened to her life.  Here below is her full journey story and another
miracle that have happened to her life recently.  
would like to invite everyone listen to Ka’s story and watching her video.  Ka
delivered the message from her heart to everyone.  I feel that everyone is part of The Max Foundation, the organization that united work for patients every day, so her message is for all of you. 
am ending this year remembering so many good memories of how one life touches
so many lives I am looking forward to bring more miracle to more lives. 
hope everyone today spending the New Year Celebration with family and friends.
New Year 2014.

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