Short story about how we could establish CML patient group in Georgia!

Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and to your family!
This is a
short story about How we could establish CML patient group in Georgia.
GIPAP patient Boris M. had been contacting with Max Station about several times
concerning CML treatment monitoring. Unfortunately, there was no PCR Lab for revealing
bcr/abl and we were looking for different options to visit patient from Georgia
another country for tests. In this political, financial and moral context we
had established a strategy plan to organize CML patient group, which can fix
their problems, find solutions and struggle together.
name was  Step forward for better life!
plan was:
1.       Gather CML physicians together and
try to involve into 1 group;
2.       Involve physician Dr.Lomaia (respected
physician in the CIS Region) to this initiative to give more competence;
3.       Organize a meeting for physicians,
patients and supporters, which was on 24 August 2013.
(This meeting held at the Hematology Center in Tbilisi, Georgia).
4.       During the meeting vote for establishment
of CML patients group, vote for leader and start documentation process;
5.       During this period involve more
patients and supporters to the initiative
I am happy
to inform you that we could accomplish all these steps together with physicians
Dr.Zodelava, Dr.Irena, Dr.Iosava and Dr.Lomaia with patient’s group leader Boris
The date of
registration of new patient group in Georgia is 23/12/2013 14:55:47 J
The name of
organization is  “The Alliance of
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients of Georgia – Альянс Пациентов Грузии с
Хронической  Миелоидной Лейкемией”.
This was a Christmas
gift for  all CML patients in Georgia. We
worked together 1 year very hard.
 Since now, they will plan for further solving
the issues unsolved in the country. May 2014 bring them prosperity and realization of all dreams.

Photos from the 1st meeting in Tbilsi, Georgia

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