Maximo Inspired Cancer Warriors of PGH

Martin, son of a CML patient gamely acted as mascot to inspire the kids and parents at PGH Cancer Institute. The book reading happened on December 3rd while the kids were waiting for their turn to be physically examined by their physicians. They were amused and were active listeners through out the story telling. Every time Maximo’s name is mentioned they would flapped their hands. The story was translated into Filipino to help them appreciate the story. One kid said that like Maximo, he has to deal with his fears of needle. But he has learned to face his fear because he wants to become a doctor one day. Everyone was happy to receive a copy of the book and face masks with Maximo printed on it. Later on, copies of the book were also distributed to kids who were in the ward. It was very heartwarming to see these kids browsing on the book as soon as they get their copy.

Maximo with the kids

Kid fascinated with the colorful illustrations


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