Updates from the region East Europe!

There has
been launched a new CML patient group in Tajikistan. There are many active CML
patients supporters gathered and establishing purpose to solve issues of CML in
the country.

About the organization CML patients in
Tajikistan “Avicenna”
Patient organization “Avicenna”
organized on October 2013 to bring together patients of Tajikistan, chronic
myeloleukemia  (CML ) in order to gain
access to modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.
Patient Group – a non-governmental ,
non-profit and is not official .
 All who
are not indifferent to the fate of patients with CML in our country , please
join us …
groups association of CIS countries and portal cml-stop.ru are supporting with
information and guides.

Currently, patient
organization “Avicenna” is searching financial support. 

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