TBM campaigned for “What is MY PCR” at the PSHBT Conference

Below is the write-up written by Rod Padua, TBM President as he relates the campaign we had during the PSHBT conference:
The biggest gathering of local hematologists for the year was held on 9-11 September 2013. The Philippine Society of Hematologists and Blood Transfusion (PSHBT) Conference was well attended with leading physicians and numerous stakeholders to witness the various medical papers and related reports. It was Touched By Max (TBM) PHILIPPINES’ first-ever joining in the event.
In partnership with Max, TBM was able to secure a booth that promoted our main objective, PCR awareness with the global theme, “What’s My PCR?” Hands-down, ours was the most colorful booth. With ubiquitous orange engulfing the assigned limited space, there was no doubt that onlookers from far away were probably wondering, “what is that all about?
That is enough for us to get to work. At the same time that we were giving out PCR freebies (mugs, buttons, bags, ballers, reading materials), we made sure that patients were made knowledgeable of everything about PCR and their rights about knowing what their PCR is. We patiently explained what is written in our flyers (Q&A by Dr. Michael Mauro) and to the best of our standing, the new ELN Guidelines. We also gently reminded the physicians that there is no substitute for PCR testing.
It was a complete privilege being part of a crowd with a common goal but at the same time being distinct. We were the only advocacy group with a booth and that put additional pressure on us to showcase the other side of a patient’s needs; psychosocial. We were able to “connect” with more than 100 interested individuals in three (3) days. Most notable was my tete-a-tete with the guest speaker at the conference, Dr. Raymond Wong of HongKong (who I previously met in Rising Sun), who was more than generous in updating me with the latest in CML.
TBM’s next goal: To be a presentor in the next PSHBT conference in 2014.
Our booth
                                  PGH Medical team with Dr. Angelina Mirasol, PSHBT President
                                    Rod Padua, TBM President with Dr. Raymond Wong of Hongkong
                                             Our team with the local Novartis staff

                                                                       The queue

                                                    Hematologists proudly showing the PCR pin

                                                 Another hematologist posed with the PCR mug

A Hematologist with her baby

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