What does World CML Day mean to you?

Hello dear team,

I hope this finds everyone well in this very busy time of year for all of us.

I wanted to make sure everyone is keeping in mind that World CML Day is on the horizon!  In fact, it is only ten days away, taking place on September 22nd.  As most of us know, World CML Day is organized by the CML Advocates Network, on behalf of all the member organizations (like MAX), as a way to raise awareness of the needs of people living with CML around the world. Learn more about World CML Day: http://www.cmladvocates.net/worldcmlday/worldcmlday2013.

In honor of World CML Day, we will be dressing up the MAX website for the occasion.  And we will also take the opportunity to launch and promote an impact study that has been created for the “What is MY PCR?” campaign.  A year ago on 9/22, we launched the campaign itself, and so it is timely that we will now be reaching out to partners and supporters to engage them in the impact study.  As well, several of our affiliated patient groups, such as Friends of MAX and ASAPHE (to mention just a couple) will be hosting events in honor of World CML Day– alongside groups around the world.

Another way to get involved and honor World CML Day is to make a video message to share with the community about “What does World CML Day mean to you?” This is an activity much like MAX organized for World Cancer Day, and it was so much fun to hear everyone’s messages.  So we hope that you will find just a few minutes to send in your own video message.  Learn more about how to submit your video: http://www.cmladvocates.net/worldcmlday/worldcmlday2013/video.  The collection of video messages will be posted on the CML Advocates YouTube channel.  Everyone is welcome to participate, so feel free to invite patients, caregivers, physicians and others within your local CML community to send a message leading up to 9/22. 

I have included my message about World CML Day within this blog, and soon it will be posted on the CML Advocates website.

My best wishes to everyone, as we embark on World CML Day, and the beginning of our Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign!

With sincere thanks,

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