Thailand MM Educational Session 2013

Hi everyone! I am Piyapong… I would like to share the event
of MM educational session in Thailand which took place on July 6, 2013. This was
an event integrated with MaxSmiles monthly meeting.
The meeting was from 10.00am to 3.00pm. We started with
registration. There were around 30 patients and caregivers with additional of
30 MaxSmiles members. It was full with friendly atmosphere.  We got supported from MaxSmiles group with the
gifts for the comers. Bags and encouraging books were given to them.
The session started with the introduction of The Max
Foundation. It took around 15 minutes. MaxSmiles support group was introduced
after it by Wirat. MM patients and caregivers seemed to be interested in
joining in monthly meeting if their times are available. I am looking forward
to seeing them in the MaxSmiles monthly meeting.
The Max Foundation & MaxSmiles introduction.

After undergoing with all the introductions, we proceeded to
group sharing. From this sharing, I had witnessed many shocking and touching
experiences of MM patients and caregivers. They shared their ups and downs experiences
on fighting with their sickness. When one started sharing, many were inspired
to share theirs as well. The session went on very fast until lunch time came. We
ended our morning session with lunch prepared by MaxSmiles members. It was
lunch full of fun and laughter as you see in the pictures.

This lady shared her experience of taking care of her husband who is suffering form MM over 9 years.

MM patient sharing his experience of fighting with MM disease after undergoing BMT.

Sharing session

MaxSmiles member was cooking Thai papaya salad.

Happy Lunch
Dr. Tawatchai arrived at 1pm. He was our speaker for this
educational session. Before we started the afternoon session, we had a courtesy
from Pick, our newly MaxStation, to sing us encouraging songs. Everyone in the
hall room agreed that she was qualified as a fair singer 😉
We were entertained by her songs.
Our Singer
Here came the educational session, Dr. Tawatchai was one of
our supportive physicians who never says no to us when we ask for his help. He
started the session with a brief of knowledge of Multiple Myeloma disease. Patients
and caregivers paid a good attention to the presentation. After the
presentation, they were given an opportunity to ask question regarding MM
disease and Dr. Tawatchai was able to satisfy their curiosity and eagerness to
learn about their sickness. I can say that this is really a friendly educational
session that everyone in the hall room felt at home with the presence of the physician.
Start of MM education session

Dr. Tawatchai Suwanban

MM Presentation

Q&A Session
We gave our gratitude to Dr. Tawatchai with handmade blanket
done by a MaxSmiles member. We finished our day right by having group picture
taking together.
Handmade Blanket

With MaxSmiles bag and T-Shirt
Group Picture
It was good to meet people I am taking care in person. There were
a good number of patients who talked to me over the phone for over a year and
we were able to meet up in person on this event. We exchanged our smiles and warm
conversation. Knowing that most of them were doing well with their treatment
made me happy. On the other hand, it reminded me of old faces who came to the
last year event but this year they could not make it because they were on this
world no more. Still I thank God for paving the way that I was able to be part
of their journeys in this world.
I like to finish my entry with this wonderful quote which is
displayed on my office table to remind me of what I am living my life for.

The most important things in life aren’t things!”


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