Hello !!

I have lovely news to share and that is I
have completed one year in this lovely organization – I am Priyanka. This is my first job after MSW (Master in Social Work).

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the grand-daughter to one of the most empowered lady and a daughter to a wonderful couple. I have one younger sister and an elder brother. My elder brother is in the health care sector too.
I have completed my bachelors and Masters’ degree in Social Work. While pursuing the degree I got an opportunity to work on different kinds of issues, but never got the opportunity to work with cancer survivors.

New Experience New learning!!!

One year ago, I got call from a placement agency to inform that The Max Foundation has vacancy. It was during MSW final exams when I came for the interview. In two days I got call from Charted Accountant of the Max India office informing that I am selected. I was very happy and excited too.
In the month of June I started coming to office. I remember those days when Sharon used to call me every day to enquire how my day was. And make sure that I am comfortable in the office. Each one in the office have put tremendous efforts to train me. When I was new I did many mistakes. Every time Amma was there to tell me what needs to be done to avoid these kind mistakes again. Her smile and simple suggestions to how we can work more efficiently were unforgettable.


I am always inspired to work with this organization as each one of you has many things which I should learn to live the life in better way. Apart from this I got an opportunity to work with people who come from different walks of life – they belong to different class, different region and also speak different languages. It was challenge to work with varied population but one thing I observed is the stigma attached to the diagnosis of Cancer was the same in all the class, all the region and religions. 
Now I have completed one year working with you all. I feel I am in the good working environment which helps me to grow.
Thanks for all your support and guidance.

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