Far, but close. Hello, Max Team!!

everyone! After exactly one year and two months of having started working in
the MAX team, I would like to introduce myself properly, and get a little
closer to my teammates who are far away, but whom I feel close.

My name is
María Victoria Duhalde, I’m 26 years old and I work as MaxStation for Perú and
Ecuador and run the CML Alliance Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Inés
and Mercedes, who I’ve shared many experiences with this year, and of whom I
never finish learning from.

I will talk a little bit about myself, as a formal
introduction. I was born in Arrecifes, in the province of Buenos Aires.
I am the eldest of three siblings; I have a younger brother and sister. When I
was 18 years old, I came to the capital city in order to study Psychology in
the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino. I always knew I wanted to be a
psychologist and acquire the tools to help others, which is why I never doubted
my career choice. 

I graduated
in 2009, and since then I have been working in different areas, but I have used
these experiences to define what exactly I wanted to do within this discipline.
For 3 years, I also studied the career of Philosophy, but I haven’t finished it
due to lack of time. This is how I got to a point where I was forced to decide
whether I wanted to put all my energy in my profession, or study another career
to complement the first one from a more theoretical point of view. However, in
all these years I realized that professional practice is a very important part
of my life, and every day I choose to do what I do with happiness, since I
learn a lot from patients and their life stories. I consider this occupation an
exchange, where I give, but I also receive a lot from the other person.
I work in a retirement home, doing cognitive rehabilitation, mindfulness and
art-therapy, among other workshops.
Likewise, I
like taking photos. I have been doing it as a hobby for 3 years, but this year
I started a photography course and, say, it’s my passion, where I get in touch
with my inner self. I generally go out on weekends to take pictures in
different parts of the city, or the countryside.
Also, I
would like to share with you the experience of having lost Agustín, my
10-year-old cousin, to leukemia, a year ago. It was a horrible experience for
me and for my family, but we stuck together and moved forward. It is a life
trial, where humbleness and acceptance are the protagonists.
I am
learning a lot, working at The Max Foundation. What I was going to do was
almost unknown to me, but little by little I have been getting to know the
practice. Inés and Mercedes are very good to me; they explain everything and
guide me with patience and dedication. We are a great working team, and I
admire them a lot.

I also had
the chance to meet the people from ALMA, the patient association we work with
in Buenos Aires.
In their monthly meetings, I get to know more about the problems and needs of
patients, as well as learn from the physicians who make presentations. It catches
my attention how everyone helps each other.
Well, I am proud to be a part of MAX!! It is a great opportunity to join MAX and it´s a beautiful place to work. Thank you and I hope to meet you in person one day.

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