Kenny – Survivor that MAX Malaysia team will never forget

Appreciation Letter from Kenny’s Parents

Kenny, was diagnosed in 2010. He was 22 years old.
Through Patient Assistance Program, it starts the relationship between Kenny’s family and MAX Malaysia.

Kenny is a very good boy.
He is a very good son for his parents, he was helping the mother to do housework and he is a cheerful boy, always smile.

He is a very good patient.
He is very compliance to treatment. He follows all the advice from doctor.

As the mother knows MAX, whenever she has any questions, she will call me. Although I can only tell her to follow doctor’s advice, she will always call me.

The mother, Mrs Yeap is a very lovely lady.
I was spoken to her during the PAP application process.
Since then, we text or call each other from time to time.

In 2010, Kenny went for bone marrow transplant.
Before bone marrow transplant, MAX introduce Poh Tiong(bone marrow transplant survivor) to Kenny and family.
Poh Tiong shares his transplant experience with Kenny and family.

However, Kenny is not the lucky one.
He has experienced serious GVHD, especially at lung.
He experienced breathing difficulty even if he walked at the normal speed like us.
Therefore, he never had chance to be out from home after transplant, except go to hospital.

Kenny has admitted to ICU for about 3 months before he passed away.
His mother never back to home, his mother was accompany and taking care of him in ICU for 3 months.

I still keep all the text messages from Kenny’s mom.
During the first 2 and 1/2 months in ICU, the mother always tell me that she is confidence that Kenny will recover.
I do not know what to reply her, as I heard from doctor that these will be the last few months for Kenny.

1 week before Kenny passed away, Kenny’s mom sms me the below:
Doctors and nurses had do their best. I told my husband, if god has decided it’s time for us to separate with Kenny, we have to let go.
He is suffering everyday. He can’t speak, can’t eat, can’t hear, can’t move.
A monk visited Kenny, the monk told Kenny, “dear boy, let go please.”
My heart is so sad.
Where is my sunny boy?
Why God give me such a good boy and now God want to take him back?

Although this text message sounds very sad, I feel better. This is because Kenny’s mom has realized the reality that Kenny may not make it. This also shows that she is preparing herself emotionally.

5 June, 4.17am, I received the text message from Kenny’s mom, only 2 Mandarin words, which means Kenny has passed away.

This might a good thing for Kenny, he no longer suffer.

Last weekend, we have patient education session at the city that Kenny lives.
The first thing we did when we arrived the city, we directly went to Kenny’s house, to visit his parents.

We visited them for the first time, outside hospital.
The parents showed us their house, Kenny’s room, his toys.
They showed us the small living room, where the mother always had meals together with Kenny.

As now is Durian season, they brought us for durian tea time.
6 of us finished all the 7 durians.

Kenny’s mother also shared with us about the last few minutes before Kenny passed away.
She said, Kenny apologize to the parents and family members.
Kenny thanks everyone who walked through the journey with him, he mentioned each doctor’s name, nurses’ names, and MAX.
She said, Kenny passed away peacefully. His face is so beautiful and healthy.

Kenny’s mother is strong and optimistic, she takes all these very well.

I believe, MAX Malaysia team, will always remember Kenny and his parents.
We will remember how strong is he and the parents when facing such a difficult situation and never give up.

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