Hello to The Max Foundation Family

I, Ms. Shinu Thomas, the only child of my parents, have studied majoring in B.Sc Biotechnology and M.Sc Herbal Sciences. Though my studies were research oriented, I have experience of working in the hospital industry for almost 3 years and then now joining The Max Foundation, which stresses my interest in serving people.
So my entry into The Max Foundation happened this way:
One mid morning (10.30AM) my mobile rings and on receiving the call, a sweet voice at the other end says – is this Ms. Shinu Thomas? Hi, am Viji Venkatesh from The Max Foundation – are you looking for a job??? (And all kind of answer rang at the back of my head – yes, no, let’s try etc etc). By then I realized that I had already said yes and Ma’am stating the next question, so why don’t you come for interview tomorrow? Again at the back of my head answers were like how I can go tomorrow, its going too fast. Also since my father was unwell the previous month, I was then supporting him with his work and so I just requested Ma’am that I will come for interview on the coming Saturday. And the voice said any time before that you can come, but if you wish for a saturday then come by 11.00 Am.
So there I was on saturday at 11.00Am at the Max Foundation Office for the so called interview. And as the sound of a young lady that I had heard – I was all set to call her Viji Ma’am, but with my entry into the office room, I heard everyone referring to her as Amma. And there the next moment she was in front of me saying “Shinu – come beta come. Did you have tea, coffee or at least some Juice? I didn’t want anything since I was only thinking how my interview will pass by.”And the next moment I realized me too calling her Amma – because so was the warmth in her words.
And again, as I was waiting for this official interview to happen – And I heard Amma asking me when am I joining? And I had my eyes wide open and I had liked Amma so much that I heard myself saying that from coming Monday onwards I will join and on the same day I already attended a session on “Phone Ettiquets.”
My Experience at Max Foundation:
The first day only I realized that God has blessed me and given me a better chance to serve humanity by making me a part of The Max Foundation. I find all the people associated with The Max Foundation very genuine, pleasant, helping and very co-operative. Thank you all for accepting me as a part of your beautiful family and giving me a chance to serve people.
God bless this organization and the beautiful cause it’s taken on its shoulders. At this moment, I also remember all the patients till date I have interacted with.

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