Round Two of Iwas-Infection Outreach Project

“Thank you very much madam for
the kit you have given to my son. He was never hospitalized since February”- this
is what a mother of a four-year old boy with ALL has told us. Her son was one
of the 50 children from PGH who benefited from the MAX Infection Control
Project. The other parents have also expressed their appreciation on the

Last June 6th,
together with some of the TBM board members, the 2nd distribution of
infection control kit was distributed among 50 children who are currently
undergoing chemotherapy. Majority of the kids were diagnosed with ALL. Of the
50 kids, 41 who were mostly newly diagnosed received kits for the first time
while the 9 others got a refill of the sanitary items. It was heartwarming to
see some of the parents carrying with them the Maximize Life bag. Although the
2nd distribution was coordinated with the physicians, the parents
and kids were not aware that we will be giving away kits on that day. Some of
them proudly showed to us that they are actually maximizing the use of the kit
every time they bring their kids to the clinic.

Dr. Marciel Pedro, the senior
Hematology Fellow has once again discussed and demonstrated the importance of
hand washing and brushing teeth regularly to avoid infection.


                       A light snacks sponsored by TBM put smiles on the faces of the kids

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