Heads up on the Art Project and the October Campaign

I can see that this is going to be a great year. It is only
mid January and we are already working full steam ahead, setting a lot of
sparks in motion. I can predict that some time later in the year there will
be a great fireworks show.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up our two flagship MAX
projects, the Art Project and the October campaign. Especially, MaxStations, I
know many of you are working with your patient groups and might need to start
fitting these projects on the annual calendar.

The Art Project continues to be a great treasure for the
organization; it is one of my favorite projects and one that we should continue
to carry out with great respect and awe for being the recipients of so much
outpouring of emotion from our patients.

While we are making plans and working hard on seeking new
opportunities to enhance the use of the art, the art collection piece should go
on more or less as it does every year. Our newest colleague, Erin Lindsay will
be our global coordinator for the Art Project in 2013. Notice that I say she
will be the “coordinator”. This means she will be there helping us stay on
track, facilitating communications, acting as a resource for questions,
compiling the information as it comes in from the different countries, reporting
to me, etc. However, I want to make sure we all remember that this is not “her”
project; it is “our” project. The success of the art project depends on the
dedication of each one of us to do our part. I look forward to working as part
of this exciting global team to discover new and wonderful art. I expect you
will hear from your PO or from E. Lindsay within a month’s time with details of
enhancements or updates to the project.

Now onto my other favorite annual project, the October
campaign; the one that usually comes just a little bit too late and then we
need to figure how to “fit in” to the local schedules. Please trust me that we
are trying to be more proactive and we are working very hard to develop the
framework to send out to you. We know the big pieces, so let me share them with
you now:

Some of you might know that for a couple of years we have
been working on a children’s book. The title is Maximo and the big C, and it is
really the story of the cancer advocate; the individual who faces great
adversity only to realize his/her full life potential by giving back to their
community as a volunteer. The idea was initially conceptualized by Maria
Isabel, patient leader from Venezuela; later on the actual story was
beautifully written by Viji, and illustrated by Fan. It is a beautiful book and
it is bring finalized as we speak.

The idea is to launch the book in October. We will offer
copies of the book to patient groups and ask them to submit proposals about how
would they build a celebration of life around the book. Examples of successful
projects are collecting more childrens books and building a library in a
hospital or clinic; going to schools to read the story and talk about
overcoming adversity as well as cancer education, etc.
 I am sharing a very rough draft, un-official but quite awesome image of the book cover just to give you an idea of how great this project will be!

There is A LOT to do around this project and please believe
me; we are trying to move all the pieces as fast as we can so we can present it
to the groups as soon as possible. I will keep you posted, but you can start visualizing
how it would be implemented in your country.

So there you have it! 2013 is looking promising already,

Stay tuned,

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