My first experience in conducting workshop

           Hello everybody! Is me again, Laura! Previously I had
not introduced more about my background to all of you and therefore, this time I
would like to take this opportunity to share more about myself before write
about my first experience in conducting CML workshop. I am from Melaka but
currently I am staying at Selangor. I am the only daughter in family who stand
in the middle of two elder brothers and two younger brothers. All of us are
working in different state except my beloved youngest brother who is still a
high school student, studying in my hometown. For my hobby, I enjoy dancing,
singing and listening to music.
I worked in
Max Malaysia Team for 3 months and for you all information; this is my first
job in my life! Well, previously I studied Industrial and Organizational
Psychology during my degree in University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), Johor.
After graduated from UTM, there was a time that I struggled to choose for
working or further my study.  I decided
to further my study (bachelor of master) in majoring one of the sub-subject of
Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which is Guidance and Counseling in University
of Putra Malaysia (UPM), Selangor. The reason that I chose to study Guidance
and Counseling is I wish to have a career which is able to give contribution to
the society – assisting people who need help and this actually also equivalent
with my value. Thus, here I am, working in Max Malaysia Team! 
That is all
about me. Now, I am going to share about my experience in conducting CML
workshop in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 5 January. On
that day, we arrived early at the venue and began to bring out all the
materials that we need and began to set up our registration station, bunting,
presentation slides, microphone checking, and so on. I was so excited to meet
with patients and caregivers, and while I was doing registration setting,
patients and caregivers started to come to my direction with charming smile on
their face. I felt good and happy to see them instead of only talking or
listening to their voice during courtesy call. I felt touched for the patient
and caregivers who willingly to travel far from their home to CML
registration, we began our introduction part with each other by chicken dance
and playing games. Patients and caregivers were participating well in both of
the activities. I can see their happiness and even shyness to do chicken dance.
Through the games session, patients and caregivers started to interact with
each other and I can hear their laughter all over the session as well. Patients
learnt the importance of following physician’s consultation and advice
regarding to CML treatment through the games. We have also given them the
chance to introduce themselves one by one and I am glad that some of the
patients shared about their feelings on CML treatment and gratitude to The Max
Foundation. Indirectly, they gave hopes, motivation, and courage to the new
diagnosed patients to live on and they are not alone!
During the
educational speech part, patients were concentrating to the presentation slides
and doctor’s explanation. I believe patients especially the new CML diagnosed
patients have more understanding and gained knowledge regarding to their
disease. Patients showed their concerns by asking questions and opinion from
We ended the
workshop by taking photo with all participants and have lunch session after
that. While I was packing, a patient and his wife came to me and said “Are you
Laura who spoke to me on the phone? The one who told me that she does not
attend for workshop before?” Then, I replied “Yes! Yes! That’s me!” The patient
– Mr. Soong, a 10 years diagnosed CML survivor and his wife welcomed me with
their warm and happy smile. I felt great and happy that there was patient who
remembered me even though we have only spoken with each other through phone
call once! And of course, I impressed by his toughness and positive attitudes with his CML disease and treatment. He looked healthy as well.
Overall, I feel
satisfy with the workshop. Our work has actually being appreciated by patients
and caregivers. I learnt to appreciate of what I have now from this workshop. I
wish to have more chances to communicate with patients, caregivers, doctors and
nurses in the upcoming workshops. Last but not least, I appreciate the help
from the volunteers especially Kok Hwee and Poh Kok who are the CML survivors,
Here are some of the photos during the workshop.
One of our volunteer, Kok Hwee, a CML survivor from Johor shared his feeling and experience on CML treatment.
Kok Hwee was teaching the participants on how to dance “chicken dance”.

Participants were dancing “chicken dance”.


Participants were dancing “chicken dance”.


It’s game time! 

Participants took turn to make an object with plasticine and let the last member of the group to guess what is the object is.
Guess what is this? 

Dr Wong Chin Hau, physician from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah is the speaker of the day on CML education.

Participants were concentrating to the presentation slides and dr’s explaination.

And here we are! Participants of the workshop.

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