It’s a small world after all

Hi everyone,

I want to share with you a little experience I had today, that show me how small is the world and how conected we are with each other.

I went to the 25th anniversary of a noun, who works with people with many disabilities, and after 1 hour or so, talking about wheater, traffic and food, this conversation started with the couple next to me:

WIFE- And what do you do for living?
ME -I’m a Psychologist and I work with people with cancer
WIFE – That must be very difficult. My son has leukemia
ME – well, that is my expertisse
WIFE . and he is helped by THE MAX FOUNDATION

That was followed by a 2 hours chat with her and her husband. We never met before, but we talked as old friends. They told me they received and read all the mails from Max News (all the family does) and they know the story of Max and they are very grateful with this 4 years that Emilio has being supported by MAX.

After 6 years working here, I confirmed every day that my life is not anymore divided in: work and personal. It’s my hole life sprinkel with all that I do for work, for study, for fun. MAX is a part of my life beyond work, now it’s personal!

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