The End of the Year…

This was last working day for me in the office for the year 2012.  I was standing by alone in the office, busying working pick up and making phone calls, trying to clear all the patient cases before the long holiday.  

One of the phone calls make the day differences.  It was a call from a wife of GIST patient.  I remember her well from many calls she made every now and then over the pass few months.  She called during the day, in the evening, on the weekend.  Most of the call, she will kept telling me of her husband was in and out of the hospital from the great pain after the doctor that the medicine did not work out for him.  The wife went to see a psychologist since the stress and pressure was too much for her.  I help her to understand accept why the medicine did not work for her husband.  

This time she called to inform me the sad news, said that her husband has passed away.  She wanted to call to let me know since I was only one person who listen to her for all the time, and give her good advice, cheer her up and said that she has done her best.  Everything I said about her husband symptom was so true.  It was good that she know all about it ahead, then she could be ready and well prepare for the thing when the time come.  

She told me that the last day at the hospital, she feeling something and she asked a nurse to let her know if her husband feel not alright.  It was true, not so long the nurse ran to get her from down stair. She went back to her husband and held his hand and he was so weak.  She told him to pray to Allah.  She told him not to worry, asked him to go before stay with Allah, then one day she will come see him.  Her husband then slowly quiet and and stop breathing. The wife mange everything alone within a day according to Muslim believe, which impressed everyone that she can hold herself so well during the sorrowful time. 

The wife should have been in tear was telling me this, but she sound so graceful and peaceful.  She said that all the call she made to me are helpful to her and her husband.  She so appreciated my patience to take all her calls, support her emotionally and provide good advice. 

I am so happy that not only when I help patient to get the medicine.  When the time come, I support the caregiver emotionally to well prepare for the end of life of her love one.  This is great conversation and a kind of feeling to end my day today and my work day for this year,  And this would become one of remarkable memories of my life history.

End of life is sound scary and sad, but if patient and caregiver are ready and well prepare, then it will become clam and peaceful. 

There are a few days to go before ending of this year 2012.  So, hope you appreciate the time that you have and the new day every day.  I encourage you to be ready and well prepare for any change that might happen for your or your love one.  Live wisely and meaningful, no matter that tomorrow will be the end of year, the end of month, then end of week, the end of the world or the end of our lives. 

I hope you all have a Happy and Wonderful Holiday with your love one. 

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